gallery and credits

Much of my choreographic research stems from an interest in how arts disciplines and the sciences intersect. In collaboration with composers, visual artists and filmmakers, some of my recent works explore processes related to aging, neuroscience, place making and sustainability.

Floating Chronology (2015)
Floating Chronology: “A tree-ring chronology for a particular area that does not overlap with chronologies from living trees in that area, and therefore cannot be dated absolutely.” A “ten tiny dance” duet about a timeless sense of the aging process that uses tree ring patterns as a map for the choreographic form.
Created in collaboration with dancers Jessica Rajko and Kassidy Rogers
Photos: Emily Jean Thomas

Flow States (2013-15)
A multimedia work about the relationship of immersive mind states to neural network generation.
Created in collaboration with Casey Farina (sound/video artist) and Jessica Rajko (dancer)
Photos: Dmitri von Klein

Hidden Spaces (2011-12)
Hidden Spaces, a dance film, is the third part in a series of pieces based on issues in urban development and placemaking. It is inspired by Dr. Nan Ellin’s groundbreaking research about “integral urbanism.”
Created by Mary Fitzgerald (choreographer), Julian Peterson (composer) and Jessica Rajko (filmmaker)
Dancers: Liliana Gomez, Jenna Kosowski, Elisa Radcliffe, Kassidy Rogers, Jenni Spenceley
Photos: Jessica Rajko

Transitory Flight (2011)
A site-specific piece about bird flight patterns and the stochastic processes developed in the works of seminal composer, Iannis Xenakis.
Created in collaboration with Alyssa Gersony, Mandi Karr, Samantha McHale, Madeline Wilcox, Tara Wrobel and Emily Zakrzewski
Photos: Robbie McCarthy

12 Squared (2009)
A site dance for 12 musicians and 12 dancers with sections choreographed by Mary Fitzgerald and Karen Schupp. Musical score directed by J.B. Smith and Simone Mancuso. This piece is a response to the musical score, as well as the architecture of the site.
Dancers: Melissa Canto Brenner, Nicole Grabianowski, Molly Kirwan, Randy Miles, Jenna Kosowski, Elisa Radcliffe, Kassidy Rogers, Jenni Spenceley, Samantha Stearns, Kristin Tovson, Debbie DeVries Wince and Holly Wooldridge
Photos: Yongwen Li

The Weight of Light (2007-08)
A multimedia piece about the properties of light created in collaboration with Dr. Glenn Hackbarth (composer), Natalia Jaeger (video artist) and the dancers.
Performers: Cherie Burnett, Christina Harrison, Sara Malan-McDonald, Nicole Manus, Kristin Tovson, Jessica Rajko, and Julia Vessey
Photos: Tim Trumble

These works highlight the intimacy of the human experience – our personal stories, physical memories, and imagination.

Nearby Far (2014)
A dance film about a friendship that endures over the span of time, distance and space.
Created by Mary Fitzgerald and Brad Garner (choreographers/performers), Dmitri von Klein (director of photography) and Chet Udell (music)
Photos: Dmitri von Klein

Solo Series (2010-12)
A series of self-portraits created with dancers (in order of appearance) Anthony Gonzales, Brigitte Stinker, Kristen Barrett and Melissa Canto.
Visual design for Melissa Canto: Jenna Kosowski
Photos: Tim Trumble

Walk the Blue Fields (2010)
A solo based on physical memories and stories about influential figures in a person’s life.
Created with dancer Brad Garner
Visual Design: Jenna Kosowski
Photos: Carlos A. Velarde

In the Snowfields (2010)
A portrait created for dancers Lucio Aburzzi and Aaron McGloin.
Photos: Carlos A. Velarde

Selections (2005-14)
Photos: Daniel Perrine, Tim Trumble and Carlos A. Verde